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Topic Clusters

Which content topics are generating the most engagement?

Relevancy Score

Which content is most relevant to your audience?

Utilization Score

How well is all of your content being utilized?

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“When I first started using ATC it was like a veil was lifted. I could quickly identify the content that was performing and see where our gaps were which let us prioritize producing relevant content. 

The team has guided us through the whole process and made it so easy: I’m a big fan!”

Adam O’Brien, Marketing at GoodUnited

Imagine the possibilities

Personalization on Autopilot

Automate personalized content across newsletters, emails, and landing pages, all within the tools you already use without tagging or complex logic. 

Competitive Content Insights

Real-time insights into your competitors' content strategies and audience engagement, enabling targeted campaigns for a competitive edge

From the Blog

Topic Reporting 

Get actionable insights on trending topics to create content that resonates with your audience, all backed by automated research.

Custom LinkedIn Audiences

Create targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns by exporting custom audiences based on content recommendations, lowering your cost per click

Grow Pipeline With Your Existing Content.

Content marketing just got smarter and sales velocity just got faster. This is personalization without the manual leg work.


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