Create 1:1 Personalized Email Nurtures that Land

Automated personalized content recommendations for your email nurtures and newsletters with the tools you already use without tagging or complex logic. 

Imagine sending out a newsletter that's uniquely tailored for each contact’s individual interest —  without tagging content or complex logic. 

With ATC 's Personalization Engine You Get  👉

📊 Individual Interest Graphs: Unique profiles created from interactions, and LinkedIn activities. 

📝 Customized Content Recommendations: Tailored suggestions based on the unique interests of each person.

🔍 HubSpot Integration: Use personalization properties for 1:1 personalized headlines, images, and links within HubSpot.

🎯 Cross-Channel Personalization: Extend personalization to email templates, landing pages, chatbots, and more.


Put your email nurture campaigns on auto-pilot  ✈️

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