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David Baum, Co-Founder and CEO of Relato

In this this episode, Nick chats with David Baum, co-founder and CEO of Relato, about his journey building a game-changing content operations platform. Relato’s streamlined platform is huge for the content operations market: emphasizing workflow, collaboration and a better user experience, augmented with AI to automate content scaling. They also cover the common obstacles content marketers face, particularly their lack of systems thinking and process orientation.




Join Nick Zeckets, Founder and CEO of Air Traffic Control, on "The Altitude Adjustment," a podcast exploring today's turbulent marketing and personalization strategies. Nick's straightforward and insightful discussions with B2B SaaS marketing leaders, soar into topics like email marketing, relationship building, demand gen campaign winners and losers and the shift towards impactful content and thought leadership. Each episode promises to launch your understanding of digital strategy and networking in today's dynamic marketing landscape.


Our Podcast Co-Pilots

Ashley McAlpin

Ashley McAlpin, VP of Marketing at Rockerbox

A seasoned marketing executive with over a decade of experience in both traditional and digital marketing. She excels in developing and scaling marketing teams, campaigns, and strategies, with a keen focus on launching products efficiently and effectively.

Chaes Mohseni

Chaes Mohseni, CMO at

Chase is a revenue leader dedicated to developing the future of CRO software, emphasizing the importance of blending data with human narratives in his approach. He is also the co-hosts the Growth Vault podcast.

Mike Rizzo

Mike Rizzo, Founder of MO Pros and

The Community-led Founder of MO Pros and With his extensive background in marketing Mike helped build, launch, manage and optimize Mavenlink's first-ever user community and Client Advisory Board programs.

Jenn Deering Davis

Jenn Deering Davis, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at GradientWorks

Jenn combines expertise in marketing and technology with a passion for storytelling. She co-founded Gradient Works and Union Metrics, showcasing her skill in developing innovative tech solutions.

Peter Mollins

Peter Mollins, CMO at SetSail

Peter has over 25 years in marketing, leads a team at SetSail focusing on sales, data, and AI growth. He's skilled in strategies that boost sales, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.
Jeff Deutsch

Jeff Deutsch, Head of Growth at ContactOut

Jeff is a B2B growth marketer and startup advisor, known for founding an SEO SaaS tool startup that reached $1M ARR in its first year and for his expertise in scaling a $3bn Chinese EdTech marketplace. 
nathan Burke

Nathan Burke, CMO at Axonius

Nate sits at intersection of collaboration and security and is known for his innovative approach to marketing, particularly in enhancing brand value and adapting strategies to align with evolving customer needs and technology trends.
Ben Rey

Ben Rey, Chief Revenue Officer at Teikametrics

Ben Rey drives growth for eCommerce sellers using AI-powered technology on platforms like Amazon and by combining advanced technology with expert coaching and support.
Chris Nault at Growth

Chris Nault, CEO + Founder at Growth

Chris Nault optimizes growth strategies for businesses through ABM and HubSpot, leveraging his extensive experience in digital marketing and strategic operations to drive success.
Ryan Gunn

Ryan Gunn, Director of Demand Gen & Marketing Ops at Aptitude 8

Ryan Gunn enhances GTM operations with HubSpot & AI, providing expertise in marketing strategy and operations for companies leveraging multi-hub solutions and tech stack orchestration at Aptitude 8, an Elite HubSpot Solutions partner.
jen leitman

Jennifer Leitman, Chief Marketing Officer at OverDrive

Jennifer Leitman blends storytelling with strategic brand marketing, leveraging her background in television, marketing roles, and an MBA to elevate brands across media, lifestyle, tech, and consumer sectors with creative and data-driven approaches.
Emily Anne Epstein

Emily Anne Eptein, Head of Content Markting at Asana

Emily Anne Epstein is a content marketing leader known for transforming Asana's content strategy with data-driven approaches, significantly increasing brand awareness, and pioneering initiatives that positioned content as a key strategic asset.
David Zeff

David Zeff, CEO at Whistle

David Zeff leverages over a decade of sales experience to lead a revenue generation company that supports customers with best practice sales and marketing, drawing from his background in successful tech exits and enterprise sales.
Jonathan Kazarian

Jonathan Kazarian, CEO at Accelevants

Jonathan Kazarian is simplifying event organization with a comprehensive platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events to enhance audience engagement and drive growth.
Moran Altarac

Moran Altarac, VP of Marketing at guidde

Moran Altarac is a seasoned marketing leader with a rich background in entrepreneurship and technology, known for her innovative approach to B2B marketing and customer engagement strategies.
Adam OBrien

Adam O'Brien, Director of Product and Growth Marketing at GoodUnited

Adam O'Brien, the savvy Director of Product and Growth Marketing and co-host of "The Don't Be A SaaS Podcast," brings fresh perspectives on marketing with a critical eye on past norms and a deep focus on customer engagement.
Kelly H Openpath

Kelly O'Halloran, Director of Content and Engagement at QuotaPath

Kelly O'Halloran, as the Director of Content and Engagement, excels in high-energy storytelling and strategic content creation that drives conversions. Her expertise in crafting compelling narratives effectively resonates with audiences, positioning her as a leading innovator in content marketing.

Ali Yıldırım and Alex Fine, Co-founders at Understory

Ali Yıldırım and Alex Fine co-found Understory, focusing on B2B SaaS marketing through paid media, LinkedIn, and email. Ali's expertise in B2B ads complements Alex's product lifecycle management, driving growth and efficiency. Together, they lead Understory to innovate and optimize client marketing strategies.

Selim Maalouf

Selim Maalouf, B2B content creator and podcast host

Selim Maalouf, formerly an industrial engineer, is now a B2B content creator and podcast host. He engages industrial and B2B audiences with storytelling and strategic communication. His background combines process optimization with content marketing, adding humor and promoting community collaboration to innovate content creation.
pinja dodik

Pinja Dodik, Head of Marketing at Swarmia

Pinja has over 8 years of experience in B2B brand, content, and product marketing for SaaS and tech companies, leads the marketing team at Swarmia. Holding a master’s degree in economics and business administration with a major in marketing, she specializes in enhancing engineering effectiveness through strategic marketing initiatives.
david baum

David Baum, Founder of Relato

In this episode, Nick chats with David Baum, founder of Relato, about his journey building a game-changing content operations platform. They touch on what founder-market fit really is as well as timing when evaluating investments. Relato’s streamlined platform is huge for the content operations market: emphasizing workflow, collaboration and a better user experience, augmented with AI to automate content scaling. 

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