Cut LinkedIn Ads Costs by 80% (Effortlessly)

With ATC, transform every piece of content you've written into a magnet for your target audience on LinkedIn. Say goodbye to high CPCs and hello to laser-focused, engaging campaigns without the complexities.

Here's the playbook to run hyper-personalized LinkedIn ads— every time.

Typical LinkedIn CPCs are $5-$6, with ATC you can lower your CPCs to less than $1 and drive meaningful traffic to your site. We know it works because we ran the experiments ourselves.

Here's how 👉

  1. Upload contacts to ATC via HubSpot, Pardot or CSV. 
  2. ATC enriches contacts with engagement and social data.
  3. ATC recommends the content each contact will want to read.
  4. Identify the content with the most potential reach.
  5. Create social versions of top-performing posts.
  6. Use ATC's LinkedIn feature to boost posts to the tailored audience.

Stop wasting money on poorly targeted LinkedIn Ads. 

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