Software with a Service to launch powerful personalized marketing — fast.

Imagine your marketing tools achieving 100X more.  Our Air Traffic Controllers will guide you through a four-step personalization campaign program, ensuring a smooth takeoff and soaring to new heights without any delays.


Scale up your personalization.

Hear from Nick Zeckets, CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Campaign Co-Pilot about how partnering with the ATC team and AI Engine will help unlock true personalized campaigns at scale that help you get more out of your existing content and resources.

Takeoff with this 4-Step Personalized Campaign

Step 1: Pick your destination 📍

ATC will collaborate with you to define the most compelling call to action that will drive conversions today and for years to come. Maybe it’s a benchmark. Or a proof of concept. It might even be an expert advisory call.


Step 2: Your Travel Agent starts planning ✅

ATC will combine your own data sets, new data sources, ATC’s personalization software, and your marketing tools to ensure you are able to personalize communications every day to every contact. Then we’ll co-design a repeatable campaign that takes advantage of email, web, and social channels using your tools, data, and content.


Step 3: Your Campaign Co-Pilots Do the Pre-Flight Checks  ⚙️

We’ll take care of building the campaign, writing copy (with your voice in the lead!), developing landing pages, and integrating data and tools. Once built, you’ll have a durable personalization engine that you can use over and over and over again.


Step 4: Lift Off   ✈️

Your campaign goes live. We’ll operate the campaign for you, provide reporting, and work with you to keep improving your performance.


What does a typical project look like?


Campaign Strategy

2-Week planning sprint to develop campaign strategy across your ICP, data and content.
Week 3

Content Development

We co-develop copy for emails, social messages, and landing pages based on your input and the ideal call to action. 
Week 4

Pre-flight checks

ATC implements every element of your personalized campaign, including integrating data sets, building audiences, integrating the ATC personalization engine, creating emails and landing pages, and building workflows.
Week 5

Lift Off ✈️

Your evergreen campaign is live. We provide weekly reporting and continuous optimizations.

Rate: TBD

Are you ready to kick off your first truly personalized marketing campaign?

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