Create personalized ABM content experiences for every target contact in your HubSpot account

You’ve put time and budget into producing stellar content. Let us help you get it in front of the right people at the right time with our HubSpot integration.

Personalized campaigns to the individual — every time.

ATC's powerful platform fuels your marketing by effortlessly integrating your existing content, contact engagement history, industry news, and other data sources so that every contact in your database receives personalized content:

Contact Enrichment
Enriched Contact Detail View
Your AI Researcher

When you connect your engagement tools, ATC analyzes every interaction and adds social data and company news so you know every contact better than ever.

Recommendations in HubSpot-1
Use your best content for every contact

Those recommendations are updated every day for every contact right in HubSpot so you can personalize emails, landing pages, and more.

Competition Detail
Competition Dashboard
Topic Detail
Topic Dashboard
Then know exactly what to write to keep engagement soaring

ATC tracks engagement, public media, social media and your competitors to tell you what topics are working for you and which ones to create new content for.

Imagine the possibilities

Personalization on Autopilot

Automate personalized content across newsletters, emails, and landing pages, all within the tools you already use without tagging or complex logic. 

Competitive Content Insights

Real-time insights into your competitors' content strategies and audience engagement, enabling targeted campaigns for a competitive edge

Topic Reporting 

Get actionable insights on trending topics to create content that resonates with your audience, all backed by automated research.

Custom LinkedIn Audiences

Create targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns by exporting custom audiences based on content recommendations, lowering your cost per click


Are you ready to start truly personalizing your campaigns?

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